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By Lee Gordon

No one defines the Rags to Riches model quite like Bob Williamson.

His story is one you only hear about in Hollywood--literally from the outhouse to the penthouse--and now, he's ready to help others avoid making the same mistakes he made.

It's the picture perfect view that Bob Wiliamson wakes up to it every morning. But life hasn't always been this good. Back when he was younger, all Williamson saw was a jail cell and his life quickly spiraling out of control.

"I was drinking when I was 12, an alcoholic by 15 and taking drugs at 17. I was in and out of jail," said Bob Williamson, "I went to prison and was kicked out of the military. I was a sociopath, I was an I-V drug user, a meth addict, and did heroin."

He was homeless and penniless and credits a car accident for turning his life around...but then something clicked...Bob didn't want to die young so he made a commitment to himself, he was going to get his life back.

"I was 24 years old that time and I had been to 19 schools and I was a high school graduate. I decided to make up my mind to turn my life around."

Since then, Bob has started 19 companies, recently selling a software company for a cool 75 million dollars. He even wrote a book about his life, titled Miracle on Lucky Street--he didn't need a publisher, he owns his own publishing company.

But his new venture is Honey Lake Plantation, a massive resort in Greenville that will be home to hunting, fishing, good food, and a place where you can just flat out relax.

"We have a 40 million dollar resort and spa, 4,700 acres, a good place for a retreat. A spiritual or corporate retreat. We have a lot of weddings out here."

Bob Williamson should be retired, but he's up before we are and works later than we do. It's in his blood. This is the good stuff. From where he was to where he is today, there's no way he can rest on his laurels--because today is a gift, and Bob Williamson is opening every gift that comes his way.

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