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Southern Comfort

By Augustus Mayhew — from New York Social Diary 2009

Honey Lake's day house, a small boathouse located just to the east of the Gerald Livingston's Dixie Plantation.

Set amidst stands of southern pines on the shore of Honey Lake, the boathouse-cottage was built by Pansy Ireland Poe, as a day house for hunters, located east of Monticello and about a 30-minute drive from Thomasville. Here, Mrs. Poe again commissioned J. Clinton Shepherd to design the decorative art work. Shepherd created an approx. 40-foot mural along the boathouse's back wall. Nearly, sixty years later, the mural is one of Florida's mid-century aesthetic treasures.

The life-sized mural was installed in a series of nine panels on the north wall of the boathouse's lower level where boats were stored.
Northwest corner paneland the northeast corner panel.
The friendly two-panel alligator was painted on the west wall of the boat storage area.
The center panel was in especially distressed condition.